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Technical Director

Need some technical advice and support for your next production? Share your ideas and I’ll show you how we can turn them into an intimate performance or a complete innovative show.

Design Engineer

Need an expert for conceptual design and technical drawings? As an experienced design engineer, I create detailed construction plans, find custom solutions and maintain an overview of the development of your scenery.

Technical Stage Manager

Do you want your rehearsals and shows to run smoothly? As a Technical Stage Manager, I’m responsible for day-to-day stage management and supervising the safety of cast and crew.

Technical Director

From a creative idea to a technical solution

Looking for technical advice and support to bring your production to life? As a Technical Director, I act as a link between the producer, the creative team and the technical departments. I offer technical consultancy for live performances, events and shows, and for permanent theatre installations or brand new custom made theatres.

I turn all your ideas and dreams into technically feasible solutions, all within your budget. For each theatre, I integrate all the plans and information into one big master plan, with a role for each department.

The result? A harmonious whole. Together, we make the impossible possible!

Reasons to choose @Vision as your Technical Director

As a Technical Director, I play a crucial role in the pre-production phase of your theatre production: from working through sketches and models, drawing up technical drawings, checking equipment lists and plans, requesting quotations from technical partners to ensuring safety on-stage.

During loadin and loadout, I manage the technical side of the production and oversee various teams, such as those dealing with lighting, sound, scenery and automation.

I make sure everything runs smoothly and take important final decisions, so that everything is built up according to the schedule. I also keep the stage free for any rehearsals and programming sessions required.

Classic scenery combined with innovative technology

As a Technical Director, I combine innovative technology with technical theatre standards. I use automation in scenery, show decks and props to bring the scenery to life. I also use winches and fly systems to hoist props, scenery or artists.

My knowledge and experience are crucial when it comes to implementing automation properly. In other words, with respect for the strict safety standards and technical restrictions that apply to theatre productions.

If standard materials don’t offer a result, I go in search of custom solutions. I make sure that everything is in order in terms of rigging options, load capacity and sightlines and I engage engineers to carry out stability and power simulations.

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Design Engineer

Conceptual design and technical drawings

As a Design Engineer, I provide specific design and engineering services to develop custom staging elements, set and scenery, special props and automation for theatre, TV and events.

This ranges from conceptual design solutions to detailed technical engineering drawings. I elaborate your ideas into a technically feasible concept or design.

Reasons to choose @Vision as your Design Engineer

As a Design Engineer, I turn the designer’s creative ideas into a technical story. My work here involves taking into account the relevant materials, weights, static and dynamic forces and the safety requirements in each area.

I include every detail in a technical construction drawing, so that the scenery workshop, metal structure constructor and automation specialist all have the correct information.

From design to a perfect end result

It’s not always easy to maintain an overview when lots of different departments are working together on the scenery, but without this overview you lose time and efficiency.

As a design engineer, I closely monitor the development of the scenic elements for you. I communicate carefully with all those involved to make sure the end result is perfect.

Technical Stage Manager

Flawless rehearsals and shows

As a Technical Stage Manager, I’m responsible for making sure rehearsals and shows run smoothly. In this respect, an important part of my work takes place before onstage rehearsals start.

For example, I organise training and rehearsals for the cast and crew behind the scenes. This covers aspects such as dry techs and scene changes or show-related training such as flying, specific safety actions and getting acquainted with automation.

Reasons to choose @Vision as your Technical Stage Manager?

As a Technical Stage Manager, I act as a link between the creative team on the one hand and the cast, crew and orchestra on the other hand during rehearsals and shows.

I’m responsible for overseeing rehearsals, managing teams, drawing up rehearsal schedules, preparing the cue book with timings and scene changes and helping out with props where necessary. I also provide appropriate communication backstage and reset the stage when necessary.

A manager on the stage

During performances, the Stage Manager is ultimately responsible for the show. I give cues and clears and I’m responsible for the safety of every member of the cast and crew on the stage.

My job as a Stage Manager is to take important decisions and to respond adequately to certain unforeseen on-stage situations.

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Highlighted projects

Over the course of the years, @Vision has supported numerous projects by providing services as Technical Director, Design Engineer or Technical Stage Manager. Let’s take a closer look at some highlighted projects below or check out the project-page for a full overview of my portfolio.


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