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Qing Show

Qing Show tells the legend of The Eight Immortals, who have supernatural powers. A certain decision leads to them ending up in one adventure after another.

This Chinese mythology is the perfect base for a show brimming with spectacle, flying acts, acrobatics and classic kung fu fighting. A unique theatre performance with all kinds of innovative technology and special effects to guide the audience through the different worlds of Chinese culture.

Find out how @Vision co-created the technical part of this production!

Show details

Show title: Qing Show

Function: technical director & stage manager

Producer: Sunac & Art Team Group

Artistic Director: Luc Petit

Timings: april 2018 - mei 2019

Location training, rehearsals & shows: Oriental Movie Metropolis theatre, Qingdao, China

Spectacular theatre show based on a Chinese mythology

An immersive musical spectacular to promote Chinese coastal tourism

Qing Show is a permanent extravaganza, created and staged in a custom-built theatre in the coastal tourist city of Qingdao in the south-east of China. To upgrade coastal tourism, project developer Sunac built an artificial island, including hotels, shops and 2 brand-new theatres.

The highlight of this megalomaniac construction project was Qing Show, a magical spectacle produced and created by Art Team Group, under the leadership of Art Director and Director Luc Petit. The creative team elaborated the concept completely, including creating extensive storyboards, compiling acts and effects and elaborating detailed draft sketches for the scenery, props and costumes.

When Art Team Group started looking for coaches and compiling the technical teams, I came into the picture with @Vision.

@Vision: elaborator of all technical aspects in the venue

My work started 13 months before Qing Show opened. As a Technical Director, I was responsible for completely implementing the sets in the theatre: from draft to installation and from drawing to finished object. This is how I helped to bring Qing Show to life.

In the preparation phase, I worked with the technical draftsperson on creating a master plot incorporating every technical theatre and construction element. Here, we had to consider the implementation of all the automation technology, the special effects and the enormous scenic elements. We worked in close consultation with the building supervisor of the theatre to make sure the technical theatre installation was smoothly integrated with the structural work.

In addition, I closely followed the construction of the scenic elements. The design was elaborated by Ingenious Inflatables, based in the UK. The steel structure was made in Turkey, while the inflatable covers (which act as a projection surface) were created in the Czech Republic.

I elaborated sketches and designs from props into presentation documents and technical drawings, looked for the right suppliers in China and closely monitored the creation process.

As a Technical Director, I was the general manager in the implementation of all structures, technical theatre equipment, machines and effects in the theatre during the construction phase. Each department was led by a professional hired by Art Team Group, who managed the local teams from China. Positive cooperation between the dozens of different groups involved was crucial here. I always monitored things with a hands-on approach and looked for the best solution for all those involved.

I closely followed up all problems, both foreseen and unforeseen, and looked for solutions on the spot. I created engineering drawings for complex problems, got an engineering office to make force calculations and engaged local suppliers to make adjustments to the set. I was the direct link between all local and foreign suppliers, the building supervisor’s suppliers, the contractor himself and the Chinese client, in order to make sure the cooperation ran without hitches.

During the rehearsal process, I was responsible as a stage manager for the smooth running of programming sessions, training sessions, rehearsals and performances and I also assured the safety of the artists and crew. After the show opened and an intensive transfer period, local teams took over the day-to-day running of the shows.

Impressive set full of automation and special effects

Qing Show turned out to be an impressive, spectacular theatre show. We created a set with a performance area that was 60 metres wide, 18 metres deep and up to 24 metres high. We installed 32 performance winches and 2D and 3D fly systems for bungee acts and flying artists and props across the stage and audience and included 4 moving trucks, a lift and tilting platform in the water. Using this high-tech automation and special effects allowed us to tell the story in a dynamic way. Acrobatics, dance, classical kung fu fighting, fly work, giant props and spectacular projections provided a treat for the eyes.

We created different scenes and worlds using video mapping on the floor, full set elements, water curtains and a curved projection screen. Waves, waterfalls, snow and high-pressure fountains ensured a highly immersive experience for the audience.

If you’re still looking for a technical expert for your production, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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